Air Ambulances for Pediatric and Neonatal Care


When it comes to the transport and care of your smallest patients, you demand and expect the very highest standards of professionalism and dedication. At Destination Medicine Air Ambulance Services, we are proud to meet those expectations.


Our highly specialized neonatal teams, consisting of a critical care neonatal paramedic and medical Doctor are capable of providing care to the most intricate patients such as premature babies and those with complex congenital cardiac defects with specialist neonatologists and paediatricians available for complex cases. 



When would you use air medical transport for pediatric & neonatal patients?


Neonatal air medical transport is used when neonates need a transfer to a specialized facility for a major operation, procedure or evaluation. This can be used for neonatal and pediatric cases and isn’t limited to urgent cases. We can help you decide on the best method of transportation.



Planes that are equipped to handle neonatal patients


Destination Medicine's Air Ambulance Services aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art speciality equipment including:

  • A Trans Nano 2 Pod with thermoregulation temperature control, Propaq monitor with invasive capabilities, Smiths babypac + ventilator, Alaris GP + Infusion pumps, and Alaris GH Syringe IV pumps

  • A full range of Sp02 monitoring and NIBP monitoring for Neonates to paediatrics 





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