Beechcraft King Air B200 Black Hawk 





Destination Medicine (Pty) Ltd Air Ambulance Services operates a fleet of King Air B200's as regional and SADEC Air Ambulances, these aircraft have been extensively modified to ensure CAT 138 compliance and provide optimal patient care and safety during flight. 


Aircraft: Beechcraft King Air B200 

Range: 2968 km with reserve 

Max Speed:  570 km/ph

Cruising Speed: 485 km/ph

Max Ceiling: 10668 meters

Endurance: 6 hours

Pilots: 2

Medical crew: 3

Passengers: 1

Stretcher: 1

Loadout: ICU / NICU capacity 




All our aircraft are equipped with state of the art Aeromedical Stretchers, we proudly endorse these stretchers as our go-to for all of our aircraft! 

Boasting the following features:


Classic Series


Common Features of the Classic Series:

  • Steel tube frame; welded for years of noise-free service. Lighter weight than tubular aluminum frames

  • Durable

  • Ten to fifteen minutes to install or remove the Classic base

Base includes:

  • Oxygen -3500l

  • Air – compressor

  • Vacuum – compressor

  • Electrical service 220v; 110 vac, 220 vac, 28 vac



  • Honeycomb plate with tubular aluminum frame

  • Four-point harness, lap, and leg belts

  • Simple locking mechanism to the Classic base

  • Upper torso (backrest) raises and lowers using an exceptionally strong mechanism

  • The patient backrest is the correct length to support the patient’s back and neck

  • Folding IV pole



Remote fill port. Fill port mounted on the face or end of the base. The oxygen cylinder remains secured.

3500 L capacity

Flowmeter and high-pressure outlets

Easy to read Oxygen Remaining gauge

Oxygen outlets; flow meter receptacle, 50 psi DISS, special order outlets


Electrical Inverter:

  • 115 vac and 230 vac inverters

  • 330 watts through 1500 watts

  • Two or four electric outlets on the face or end cap of the base unit

  • Simple wiring to the aircraft electric bus

  • Lighted On / Off switches or Optional Digital Display

  • Circuit breaker protected.

  • Wiring Kit. The Wiring Kit carries electric power from the aircraft electrical system to the aircraft cabin for connection to the Medstar or Classic base unit inverter. The wiring kit has a relay, wiring, canon plug and instructions. The wiring kit is installed by the aircraft technicians.


Vacuum (Suction) Pump and Compressed Air Pump:

  • Pumps are wired for 28v aircraft power operation. Pumps are independent of inverter operation

  • Vacuum pump develops 20 inches (508 mm) Hg of suction at 3.3 amps

  • Compressed air pump delivers 19.8 liters per minute at 3.3 amps

  • Convenient lighted On / Off switch

  • Medical gas outlet

  • Circuit breaker protected


Stretcher and Mattress, Comfort and Stability for the Patient:

  • The stretcher is built from honeycomb and tubular steel

  • The mattress is fire blocked and covered in a very durable fabric

  • Mattress padding is available from 2” thick to 6” thick

  • Stretcher locks into the base unit the same as car doors close and lock

  • Four-point upper torso harness and lap and leg belts

  • The stretcher is tapered head and foot, preventing scraping the aircraft door seals and sidewalls

  • Extra-wide stretchers available for larger patients

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