commercial patient repatriation internationally


Depending on the patient‘s condition and the flight route, medical transport on scheduled flights presents an economic alternative to the use of ambulance aircraft with intensive care equipment.

We, therefore, offer our medical flight escort service on a number of flight routes. Qualified medical personnel accompany the patient, and in the case of complications are able to assist quickly using the carry-on medical emergency equipment.


Three different types of medical transport on a scheduled flight are available, each being focussed on the patient‘s well-being and safety.



medical escort 


For patients in a stable condition, who are able to travel sitting upright and who only need accompaniment by a medic, we offer the service of medical air escort


We offer a non-emergency air ambulance service for patients who are mobile and not acutely ill and who just need medical attention while travelling; for example, those suffering due to a previous health condition.


A qualified specialist doctor or paramedic is provided who accompanies the patient throughout the medical flight and always remains close by. Thus, the flight medic can take quick action if the patient’s condition worsens. The emergency medical equipment carried on board allows the accompanying medical personnel to provide emergency assistance if needed.



stretcher transport on commercial flights


For patients who do not require any permanent medical support but who must, however, travel lying down and under medical supervision, stretcher transport on a scheduled flight is a low-cost alternative to the use of an ambulance aircraft. 


Therefore, we offer you a medical flight accompaniment service on a large number of flight routes. Qualified air medics accompany the patient and, in the case of complications, can offer quick assistance since the emergency medical equipment is carried on board. 


If necessary, the patient travels on a stretcher installed in the passenger cabin, and is separated from other passengers by a screen. Next, of kin, as well as the accompanying physicians, travel in close proximity to the patient, and have permanent access.


The patient will be transferred to and from the scheduled airliner in a specifically equipped ambulance and will board and disembark the plane on a stretcher directly from and to the ambulance.





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