It is a paradigm shift, an Emergency Response Unit that can land on grass, gravel, compacted earth or tar, just about any runway in Africa that is over a kilometer in length and we have the ability to bring a Turbo Prop powered flying ICU that has endurance of up to 2000km with reserve and a top speed of 500km an hour. 


Based on the sheer Geographical enormity of Africa and Southern Africa in specific we felt there was a dynamic need for our aircraft to act as a primary response unit, scramble times accelerated for the primary response can have a full ICU Team at your location with significantly shorter times than most traditional helicopter services or ground ambulance transfers. 


Destination Medicine and our AOC's fleet of fixed-wing aircraft plays a vital role in our long-distance emergency and rescue work. Staffed by highly experienced aeromedical teams, our ‘flying hospitals’ are equipped to carry the most critical patients.


We operate B200 King Air turbo-prop airplanes out of  Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa, operating from 24 hour international and national airports allows us quicker scramble times and airborne responses.


With purpose-designed communication and navigation systems, these planes are ideally suited for Destination Medicine's Aeromedical division long-range flights across remote areas. They are fitted with wide loading systems, stretcher bases, oxygen, and specialized medical equipment.


The aircraft can carry one adult stretcher patients and two sitting patients, as well as the aeromedical crew.


Our plane in the sky is a welcome sight to people suffering from life-threatening injuries or illnesses in isolated regions of Southern Africa. It signals the arrival of life-saving help and the fastest possible means of getting safely to a Trauma facility.


By owning and managing our own assets Destination Medicine ensure quality and control of your emergency when you need it the most. #therewhereeveryouneedus


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